iPhone 9 - будущее все ближе, значит возможно через 10-15 лет мы увидим айфон девятый. Но это лишь догадки. Покупая телефон вы должны позаботиться о безопасности. Установите себе на смартфон антивирус и не заходите на порно сайты. Там много вирусов.

As soon began to use iPhone 6s, you immediately feel how things have changed. 3D Touch Technology opens up exciting new possibilities - just one click. A feature Live Photos allows literally spice up your memories. And that's just the beginning. Look closely at the iPhone 6s closely and you'll see innovation at all levels. 12-megapixel iSight camera makes a clear and detailed images and allows you to shoot amazing videos with a resolution of 4K is nearly four times higher than in HD-video 1080p. A 5-megapixel HD-FaceTime camera allows you to take great self.

In addition, you now have the ability to shoot Live Photos, which literally come to life the most precious memories. This function records the moments before and after taking a picture, allowing you to see it in motion, making a time. iPhone 6s is equipped with a specially designed processor A9 processor with 64-bit architecture. Now, its performance reaches a level that previously demonstrated only desktops. Processor speed iPhone 6s to 70% higher than the previous generation, and the graphics processor operates at 90% faster, providing an instant response in demanding applications and games.

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